WaveAI uses advanced, proprietary AI and Machine Learning technology to tackle some of the most challenging problems at the intersection of technology, creativity, and psychology. With a proven record solving some of the largest AI challenges, we are committed to applying our expertise for the betterment of humanity.


Maya Ackerman, PhD

Dr. Ackerman is a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, with dozens of peer-reviewed publications.  Named “Woman of Influence” by the Silicon Valley Business journal, Ackerman was an invited speaker at the United Nations, Google, IBM Research, Stanford University, amongst other prestigious venues. Dr. Ackerman appeared on NBC News, New Scientist, and Grammy.com, and on international Television stations.  Her research into AI and Machine Learning has earned awards from the Association for Computational Creativity, US Office of Naval Research, NSERC, and many more.

She earned her PhD from the University of Waterloo, held postdoctoral fellowships at Caltech and UC San Diego and is  on the faculty of the Computer Engineering Department at Santa Clara University and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Computational Creativity.

David Loker, MMath

David Loker, M.Math., is an award-winning researcher in machine learning with more than 12 years of industry experience. From supply chain optimization at Amazon, to personalization and recommendation systems at Netflix, David has an in-depth, practical understanding of statistical modeling and machine learning techniques. His extensive industry experience includes the formation and management of a team of over a dozen engineers and data scientists.

Chris Cassion, MSci
Engineering VP

Christopher Cassion, MSc, graduated at the top of his class with a Master of Science in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Chris’ research experience ranges from Computational Creativity to AI agent-based simulation. His work experience includes the Health Insurance company, Humana, along with some of the world’s top Machine Learning companies and laboratories, from Google to IBM’s Austin Research lab. 


Our creative AI has been applied in a variety of projects. Feel free to explore your creativity through these publicly accessible products. This technology doesn’t only support creative self-expression, but has also been shown to have therapeutic value. The University of Dundee has recently concluded a study showing the utility of our creative AI in the context of bereavement.  

ALYSIA is an AI-based app that allows everyone to create original songs. This revolutionary AI-based system allows you to create original lyrics, melodies, and can even sing your song to you. Avaliable on the app store. 

LyricStudio is an AI-based creative writing assistant for the pro songwriter and aspiring artist.  Get original lyric suggestions customized to your unique writing style and topic.  



Two comperehensive patents with 37 claims

1st Place

Shanghai Yangpu Global Competition SV


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