Unlocking Humanity's Creativity with AI

We are at the cusp of a new age of creativity. Within 10 years, all creative content will be made with the aid of generative AI technology. WaveAI is leading the charge in this transformation through proprietary technology that changes how creators express themselves. WaveAI uses their powerful generative technology to enable everyone to realize their creative potential. Their tools help conquer creative block by suggesting original lyrics, melodies and chords. WaveAI's breakthrough generative AI and creator-centric approach are paving the way for how humanity will create going forward, and radically elevate our creative capabilities.

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The Computational Creativity market
will grow by high COGS by 2026


LyricStudio is an AI-powered lyrics writing assistant, utilized by over one million creators and artists worldwide. Creators get original lyric suggestions customized to their unique writing style and topic, collaborate with other artists, and learn to master the art of lyrics writing – all within the LyricStudio platform.

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  • "Opens up new dimensions of human creativity"

  • "Designed for the human and computer to engage in a true creative partnership"

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Creative Works

Everyday, aspiring and professional creators are using WaveAI products to unlock and elevate their creativity. Yet, our AI can also be customized for special projects by altering the AI’s language or style. Enjoy just a few examples of the creative works made with our AI-based system. 

Patents & Awards

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Shanghai Yangpu Global Competition SV


Two comperehensive patents with 37 claims


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